First Steps To Wealth

How one woman crawled out of poverty and launched a million-dollar company
Dani’s story has it all: born into poverty, abused until she was a teenager and rejected as an adult by her family, friends and lovers, Dani hit rock bottom in a cocaine haze. This book tells how she overcame these horrific setbacks and applied a few surprising techniques to become the multi-millionaire entrepreneur, best-selling author, radio host and family woman that she is today!

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  • A Revolution To Increase Your Income, Improve Your Relationships and Expand Your Influence!

    In This Book by Dani Johnson A Business, Personal Wealth, and Relationship Expert You Will…

    1. Learn step-by-step strategies to making more money in less time with less stress!
    2. Get what it takes to stay ahead in a changing world and experience a lifetime of happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment!
    3. Discover million dollar income growth and wealth development principles!
    4. Unlock a proven debt annihilation formula that has already helped thousands of people pay off debt to the tune of millions of dollars!
    5. Discover the Powerful Mindset of an Entrepreneur and how you can put advanced strategies to work for you.

  • First Steps To Wealth

    The skills that I picked up from Dani Johnson have allowed me to keep my business growing while I’ve watched many businesses in the same marketplace and the same economy go off the table! She helped me deal better with my employees, my family and my accounts. You have to listen to what she says. This is life changing.

    - Marty Rachford

    First Steps To Wealth

    Three months ago I was unemployed and looking for work. Not having much success, I came across Dani Johnson. The skills she gave me allowed me to successfully interview with 15 corporate vice presidents, after which I got a 6-figure job as a Corporate Trainer! Just the basic business communications taught here will change every part of your life. No excuses, you need to do this!

    - Merrill Roberts

    First Steps To Wealth

    I was a 19 year old full time college student working part time as a waitress making $8000/year and just getting deeper and deeper in debt. I possessed absolutely no business skills. With the skills I gained from Dani, I was able to make $9,000 in one week! If you’re just thinking about plugging into Dani, you need to make a decision today – you can’t afford to miss out.

    - Keri Skarin

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