Magnetic Influence®

Million-dollar people skills you can use after just a few short hours
More than ever, in business and life, your ability to turn strangers into friends will dictate your authority and sense of purpose. And while most people wallow in isolation and selfishness, Dani Johnson’s Magnetic Influence can reveal to you the worlds’ most coveted secrets about people – secrets that are the source of the world’s wealth and that can become the foundation of yours as well.
2 DVDs and 2 CDs
  • Unlock The Secrets Of How To Build Trust, Respect, And Value With People, Helping You Become The #1 Person To Work With

    • Acquire the charisma, energy, power, influence, and confidence of a millionaire
    • Bring in more referrals for your business to where you have to turn business away
    • Rekindle A Passionless Marriage, Mend Broken Relationships & Keep The Ones You Have
    • How to create an eager desire in your spouse, kids or sales prospects.
    • Mobilize everyone around you so they are constantly bringing YOU new business and are exposing your message

    Attract Success And Become More Influential In The Workplace And At Home

    Have you noticed that sometimes what you need in life just doesn't fall into place? Perhaps you've found yourself in one terrible relationship after another or you seem unable to shake off bad luck in your job, career, business and relationships. Or, you've met the perfect client or life partner and are having the time of your life. These experiences, both positive and negative, are evidence of a very powerful force active right now - you are either attracting failure or success to you. It's called the Law of Attraction.

    Maybe you've heard of "The Secret" or "The Law of Attraction" before, but have wondered how to translate these ideas into skills you can apply to your REAL LIFE. With Dani Johnson's Magnetic Influence®, you can NOW deliberately attract success to every area of your life. There isn't any environment, job, career, relationship, industry, or situation that Magnetic Influence®can't be applied to.

    "Upon learning Magnetic Influence®, I attended a convention where hundreds of vendors gathered to present and sell their products and services. I was only a visitor, but because of the techniques I learned from Dani's Magnetic Influence®, I was able to strike up a conversation with one of the companies who was presenting and closed them on a contract for over $5,000." - David McMenomey

    Hit Your Target & Get More Of What You Want, Less Of What You Don't Want

    • Leave behind the feeling of having to do everything yourself cause you don't trust those around you or because you can't get your team members to work
    • Stop working so hard to carry on an interesting conversation with your significant other over the phone
    • Turn your business or career around from dormant activity
    • Bring in more referrals for your business to where you have to turn business away
    • Know how to handle a potential prospect that you're on the phone with and successfully close the sale

    In MAGNETIC INFLUENCE® Dani teaches you the "hidden skills" NO ONE else does. These "hidden skills" are skills that NO ONE should go through life without. These skills should be the quintessential part of your daily life and the #1 Common Denominator for SUCCESS in any environment, industry, job, career, relationship with boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, kids, next door neighbor, client....

    "I applied a technique called the Magnetic Influence® to recruit students for my piano studio. I changed 3 simple things and as a result, my studio size has tripled in the last 4 months. I now have a waiting list of interested students." - Marie McClain Carnine

    Meet Dani Johnson

    Dani Johnson is a multi-millionaire entrepreneur, internationally sought-after speaker and business coach, as well as a nationally syndicated radio talk-show host and LIVE TV host. She has been interviewed in over 200 media outlets including The Oprah Winfry Show, Good Morning America, Forbes, Fox & Friends, Fox News, CNBC, and was the season premier star of ABC's Secret Millionaire. She has helped tens of thousands of her clients to succeed in ways they never imagined. Although raised in poverty and abuse, Dani overcame these challenges and blazed a path to true wealth and freedom that anyone can follow.

    To help you become the #1 person to work with and experience event faster results, Dani has taken her Core Rapport Methodology and developed an accelerated learning program called Magnetic Influence®.

    MAGNETIC INFLUENCE® system unlocks the secrets of how to instantly build common ground, trust, respect and value with people so that they have no choice but to work with you.

    Rekindle A Passionless Marriage, Mend Broken Relationships & Keep The Ones You Have

    Many have used these skills to attract their dream mate, rekindle a passionless marriage, mend broken relationships, and keep or enhance the relationships you have. One client had divorce papers in hand when she decided to apply one technique with her soon to be ex-husband. Now they are again MADLY in love, reliving the passion from when they were first married!

    Used By TOP Corporate Executives, Millionaires, Politicians & Celebs

    You've seen those highly successful employees, entrepreneurs, CEO's, millionaires, and celebrities who seem like ordinary people that got lucky right? Beep, wrong answer. Yes, most of them were ordinary people at one time, but they discovered some simple secrets to success in their careers and life most people never have had the opportunity to experience. No matter what you've heard before reading this, attracting success is NOT about being in the right place at the right time.

    It's about acquiring the skillset you need to get what you want in life.

    How to get what you want is the present-day riddle that devours all who fail to answer it. Dani wants to show you the secrets to get what you want; the very same secrets she used to go from homeless to millionaire ... the same secrets tens of thousands of clients worldwide, from stay-at-home-moms, to employees, to CEOs of companies in many industries have used to advance their careers, get pay raises and promotions faster than their peers, even in a down economy. The same skills that others have used to build 7 figure businesses.

    Here's MORE of What You'll Receive From Magnetic Influence®:

    • Immediately get other people's attention and watch how they gravitate towards you!
    • Become the "stand-out" candidate for any job or position.
    • How to pull the best out in others, for their benefit and yours.
    • How to create an eager desire in your spouse, kids or sales prospects.
    • Put your career (or business) on the fast track to hyper-growth that brings rapid advancement and promotions - in any economy.
    • Acquire the charisma, energy, power, influence, and confidence of a millionaire!

    Limited Quantities Available!

    Isn't It About Time You Applied These Skills To Get Your Ideal Life?

    The Magnetic Influence® System Triple Guarantee.

    1. Quality - You'll notice the level of quality in every aspect of this program, from the detailed way that every technique is delivered, right down to the audio clarity of the event. Everything you're about to learn has been practiced and perfected over 22 years, with over 100,000 people.

    2. Results - Upon beginning the Magnetic Influence® System, you'll be given simple techniques that will only get better the more you practice them in the coming days, weeks and months. Your attitude towards people will change. You'll be more influencial at work and home. You will grow your business and your relationships, enhancing your everyday life.

    3. Impact on your life - The Magnetic Influence® System has already changed many lives. You will attract those of like-mindedness. You will grow your influence in your business, work and community. You will have supernatural ability to build trust and rapport with total strangers. Your business will soar no longer experiencing a glass ceiling. You will not only change you life but the life of those around you.

    Take advantage of our 90 Day Guarantee and experience the power of Magnetic Influence® System, today!

    You only live once-and life is way too short to be spent treading water.

    So why settle for mediocrity in your business and relationships? Why continually hit a plateau in your business? Why allow your relationships to be real OK?

    The Magnetic Influence® System trains you to stand out in a sea of people and experience and live a breakthrough life.

    With a little help from the Magnetic Influence® System, you can start your new life now- and you can serve as an inspiration to everyone around you.

    But don't just take our word for it. Join the tens of thousands of people who've already changed their lives with the Magnetic Influence® System. Order your copy and start your journey today.

    You've got questions? We've got answers!

    "Sounds legit, but how is the Magnetic Influence® System different from other programs?"

    We have strategically put this product together with audio and video, giving you every learning advantage. Not only that, the techniques found inside are for long-term success, not a quick fix! The bottom line here is results. The Magnetic Influence® System is designed to give you an unfair advantage against a sea of people giving you a faster, easier and more reliable solution to an average life. And - dare we say - it does this better than anything else in the market right now.

    "How does Magnetic Influence® help me better my life?"

    The Magnetic Influence System is the culmination of over 2 decades of tested and proven material. You'll do better in your career, increase your wealth-making abilities, beat stress, improve your relationships. The best part is, ANYONE can do this. You don't need a PHD, and you don't need prior experience - all you need to do to join the tens of thousands of people who have already benefited from this program is determination and belief.

    "I have tried other similar programs with similar promises, but I have not experienced the results I expected. Why would the Magnetic Influence® System be any different?"

    Few programs have the backing and social proof of the Magnetic Influence® System. There is no way that we would risk our credibility by offering you a program that doesn't work as we say it does. On top of that, you've got an unconditional guarantee to give you unbeatable peace of mind.

    "I have a busy life. How will I find time to study the Magnetic Influence® System?"

    The beauty of the Magnetic Influence® is you can go your own pace. It's 2 audio CDs and 2 video DVDs. You can pop in the audio CDs in your car and listen while you drive. You can take an evening and pop in the DVDs and apply the techniques.

    As long as you take the time to listen and/or view the material you will learn the techniques, apply and experience all the life-changing benefits we've told you about.

    6 Reasons we're different from other programs

    Amazing results

    We've collected tens of thousands of stories and we've seen many of our clients resurrect dying businesses and unfilfilling relationships and go on to build 6 and 7-figure businesses and have satisfying relationships. The stories found on our website will inject inspiration and belief into you! Visit our site for more stories.

    Real soulutions

    With our programs we don't give you the quick-fix, we give you a plan for sustainable and long-term growth. We are committed to seeing you and your family live extraordinary lives!

    Awesome offers

    With the Platinum option you will receive exclusive access to premier bonuses designed to give you a real jolt for maximum results! These bonuses were specifically created to enhance learning and produce quick results that you can see right away.

    A system that is timeless

    With over 22 years of crazy results, you can utilize the practical, revolutionary strategies found inside the Magnetic Influence System. You can start experiencing a complete shift in your life today!

    A community effort

    Users of Dani's trainings have migrated their way onto Dani's Facebook page to get encouragement and support from like-minded individuals. You don't have to do it alone! You can keep yourself accountable and learn from others.

    Reliable content

    We pride ourselves on releasing only the best, transformational content, to help give you specific steps on how to breakTHROUGH obstacles so you can have the success you dream of. You're in good hands!

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