Magnetic Influence®

Million-dollar people skills you can use after just a few short hours
More than ever, in business and life, your ability to turn strangers into friends will dictate your authority and sense of purpose. And while most people wallow in isolation and selfishness, Dani Johnson’s Magnetic Influence can reveal to you the worlds’ most coveted secrets about people – secrets that are the source of the world’s wealth and that can become the foundation of yours as well.
2 DVDs and 2 CDs
  • Increase Wealth & Prosperity by Mastering People Skills

    Use this powerful training to attract success and become more influential in the workplace and at home

    • Acquire the charisma, energy, power, influence, and confidence of a millionaire
    • Bring in more referrals for your business to where you have to turn business away
    • Rekindle A Passionless Marriage, Mend Broken Relationships & Keep The Ones You Have
    • How to create an eager desire in your spouse, kids or sales prospects.
    • Mobilize everyone around you so they are constantly bringing YOU new business and are exposing your message

  • Magnetic Influence®

    I applied a technique called the MAGNETIC INFLUENCE® to recruit students for my piano studio. I changed 3 simple things and as a result, my studio size has tripled in the last 4 months. I now have a waiting list of interested students.

    - Marie McClain Carnine

    Magnetic Influence®

    Upon learning MAGNETIC INFLUENCE®, I attended a convention where hundreds of vendors gathered to present and sell their products and services. I was only a visitor, but because of the techniques I learned from Dani’s MAGNETIC INFLUENCE®, I was able to strike up a conversation with one of the companies who was presenting and closed them on a contract for over $5,000.

    - David McMenomey

    Magnetic Influence®

    My family of 4 had been homeless and living with friends. Even when we finally got into an apartment, we couldn’t pay our rent. With the incredibly valuable skills that Dani teaches in MAGNETIC INFLUENCE®, I landed a job within 1 week! We were finally able to pay our rent and we are now in the process of starting a business and attacking our debt.

    - Shauna Harris

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