Profit Skills

Tap into exponential sales growth and gain the competitive edge in any market
Struggling with sluggish business growth or career advancement? Feel like you’re constantly taking three steps forward and two steps back? There’s no doubt, certain people seem to play by different rules when it comes to generating revenue and income. Now, with Dani Johnson’s Profit Skills, you too can tap into exponential growth that will blow the doors off your business or job!
5 CDs
  • Open The Door To Explosive Career, Sales Or Business Growth

    In Profit Skills™, you’ll learn and master more than 15 core skills that will forever change your earning power for the rest of your life. You’ll be in a position of influence and able to create hyper-accelerated results on demand in your business or career.

  • Profit Skills

    I had lost 2 jobs in a row within 3 months of each other, felt like a failure, and didn’t know how I would pay the bills. After learning these skills, I paid off over $10,000 of debt in 7 months and this month alone generated $19,500!

    - Megan Pratt

    Profit Skills

    Profit Skills

    These CDs are phenomenal – I couldn’t get enough of them. I learned more in 2 days than the time I put in for my Business Management degree.

    - Nichole Gechell

    Profit Skills

    My goal was always to escape corporate America, build a huge business and get my life back. In the last 18 months, my skills in my professional life have been in demand and I have a long term consulting contract that lets me work from home every other week or more. I actually do have my life back and make significantly more money than when I was an ‘employee’. I just know that I unconsciously apply skills that I have learned from Dani and I profited where I least expected it.

    - Todd Palm

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