Prospecting & Closing Script Book Supplemental

More than 30 scripts you must have in your prospecting and closing repertoire
In this explosive follow-up to Dani Johnson’s legendary Prospecting and Closing Script Book you will find more than 30 NEW scripts for dealing with objections and other challenging situations that home-business owners encounter. Don’t deprive your business of these money-making words, written and proven by a multi-millionaire.
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  • Prospecting and Closing Script Book Supplemental: More Dani Johnson Scripts To Help You Prospect, Recruit And Close Like A Pro!

    Are YOU Ready For 100% Completely NEW Scripts And Material Not Included in the Original Script Book?

    Dani Johnson's Prospecting and Closing Script Book™ Supplemental Will Give You:

    • The words to handle any FAST BALL objection thrown at you.
    • A step-by-step way to get your prospect working AND making money right away!
    • More prospecting scenarios and the scripts that tells you how to close them.

    Let's take a look at prospecting and closing from the prospect's point of view:

    • This guy is just looking to make another buck!
    • This sounds like another slimy salesman.
    • This guy is so pushy!
    • This lame sales pitch is such a waste of my time.

    What if you could avoid making your prospects feel like this at all?

    If You Could ditch the fear that causes these common objections when prospecting and closing imagine how you would multiply the growth of your business and increase your team's success!

    We have created a brand new success tool that fills in the gaps of prospecting and closing. NO more objections. NO more questions. This success tool will skyrocket your business to 6 figures and beyond!


    Dani Johnson's Prospecting and Closing Script Book™ Supplemental!

    Okay, first off... What is the Script Book SUPPLEMENTAL??

    Quite simply, it is a brand new NEVER BEFORE released Script Book of previously UNPUBLISHED Prospecting & Closing scripts by Dani Johnson. Many of the scripts you have heard when Dani role plays in her coaching sessions, classes and live events are now available in this Script Book SUPPLEMENTAL.

    But before we let you in on the details of this outrageous tool here's just a few COMMENTS we've received about the NEW! Dani Johnson's Prospecting & Closing Script Book™ SUPPLEMENTAL:

    "I would like to thank you for these incredible tools you provide us! I just purchased the brand new supplemental script book in Dallas/TX!! WOW! When you came out with the new script book a few months ago I thought you couldn't top that... but now with this it is going to be so much easier and so much fun to prospect! I love the genealogy script and the voice message options! I know that these two script books will make my team a fortune! THANK YOU!!!" ~ Krisztina Farka

    The Supplemental Script Book has drastically stream lined my business. It has put a system in place that has allowed me to be more duplicatable. When a team member asks how do I respond to a certain objection or what kind of message do I leave on an answering machine, I can point them to the exact page and script in the supplemental script book. It's that easy! Thanks for such a useful tool! ~ Jackie O' Quinn

    Some are saying it's the next most impactful success tool since the release of Dani's original Script Book!

    Would you like to...

    • Learn how to close without selling?
    • Avoid coming across as weak and defensive and learn to keep a strong posture while prospecting?
    • Be proficient in handling any question asked or objection posed by your prospect?
    • Know when to NEXT your prospect so that you are maximizing your time?
    • Create URGENCY in your prospects and get them to close themselves?
    • Have a SYSTEM that allows you to be more DUPLICATABLE with less effort?
    • TRIPLE to QUADRUPLE your Prospecting and Closing ratios?

    If you answered YES to 1 or more of those questions, then read on!

    Here is just some of what's inside the Script Book™ Supplemental:

    There are OVER 30 NEW SCRIPTS that target Prospecting, Closing, Objections, and the Follow-Up and Involvement Process!

    Specifically these new scripts tell you exactly what to say when you get objections like:

    • "I have to talk to my spouse"
    • "I don't have the money", "I can't afford it", "I need to wait 2 weeks for the money"
    • "I don't have the time"
    • "Is this a pyramid?"
    • "I don't like sales", "Is this sales?"
    • "I haven't looked at the information yet"
    • "I did not request any information"
    • "I'm not interested"
    • "I joined another business"
    • "I have to think about it" and more!

    There are also scripts that target exposing your business and products, like the:

    • NEW! Trade Show Script
    • NEW! Genealogy Report Script
    • NEW! DVD Presentation Script
    • NEW! Opt-in Leads From Your Website Script
    • NEW! Using t-shirts and buttons to promote your business and more!

    How many of you want to know what to do when you have already blown your warm market and you have no one else to call and you don't know what to do?

    Do you want to save yourself the headache of trying to figure out how to follow up with a prospect? In this new business building tool, you will get advanced, exclusive scripts and the specialized training to do it right. There are:

    18 NEW Prospecting Scripts including:

    • NEW! A script for people you haven't talked to in years
    • NEW! A script for when you have blown a friend out of the water
    • NEW! A script to use after leaving a training seminar
    • NEW! A go-getter script to bring someone to a LIVE presentation
    • NEW! Warm Market Interview Script
    • NEW! Warm Market Conference Call Script
    • NEW! Warm Client Contact Script
    • NEW! Prospect cuts you off with questions in the middle of the script (aka "the Jerk Script")
    • NEW! More Warm Market Referral Scripts
    • NEW! More Warm Market Scripts
    • We even have scripts that show you examples of what a prospect might say.
    • And so much more!!!

    And if we haven't already included enough material to make your head spin, there is even more to this incredible success tool for the advanced RECRUITER!

    3 NEW Voice Mail Scripts including:

    • NEW! A voice mail script to leave on the 3rd try
    • NEW! A voice mail script for when a good prospect does not show up on a follow up call
    • NEW! A genealogy report voice mail script

    If you want to get your hands on this HOT OFF THE PRESS Dani Johnson Success Tool right now and BE AMONG THE VERY FIRST in the industry to use this tool in your business, then just click "Add To Cart" now!

    No matter the objection you are confronted with, you are shown exactly what to do and what to say with instructions on how to say it!

    14 NEW Closing Scripts including:

    • NEW! Pyramid objection script
    • NEW! Spousal objection script
    • NEW! I don't like sales objection script
    • NEW! I joined another business objection script
    • NEW! I have to think about it objection script
    • NEW! An Alternate Script Involvement Process - I have to think about it objection
    • NEW! Follow Up Call#1 and they did not do their homework script
    • NEW! The 2nd & 3rd Exposure script
    • And so much more!!!

    NEW! Appendix A - Words Not To Use and Words To Use while prospecting and closing

    NEW! Appendix B - "Lead Contact Sheet" to be used with lead calls

    NEW! Appendix C - List Your Goals

    More easy to use "Script Tips" and our NEW! "Instruction Boxes" to help you maximize your prospecting and closing!

    This is just some of what's included in nearly 100 pages within this new success tool from!

    WARNING: If you are thinking about purchasing the Script Book SUPPLEMENTAL without having the original Script Book, you better think twice. This success tool is for the recruiter that is ready to go to the next level and if you don't have the original Script Book you are not ready for the advanced skills that the Script Book Supplemental requires. Do not purchase the SUPPLEMENTAL without it either being accompanied by the original Script Book or you having already purchased the original Script Book. The Script Book SUPPLEMENTAL is like SUPER SIZING your VALUE MEAL!!!!

    Just like Dani Johnson's Prospecting and Closing Script Book, there is NOT another Script Book like the Script Book Supplemental on the Market, Nor has There Been One of This Kind Ever Produced!

    Never before has Dani released advanced scripts to the general public with the specifics on how to use them. These scripts require advanced skills in prospecting and closing. The trainings are NON-company specific. You can use these scripts with ANY company, opportunity and/or product! Learn how to master prospecting and closing cause without it your business will fail.

    Ask anyone who has used Dani's scripts and achieved success in their business, and they will tell you that her scripts are bullet proof.

    BUT Don't Take Our Word For It!

    Here is what others are saying about this incredible tool...

    "As far as the script book supplemental, it has totally helped me with voice mail messages, my answering machine messages were great on the 1st call, but my missed follow up and my scratch (3rd message) stunk.  My ratio for getting people to call me back was about 12% on average, that bumped to 22-23% in the last week using these new voice mail scripts in the supplemental.  I am certain that as I continue to dial and leave those messages, that number will continue to improve." ~ Renae Heikkila

    "What an awesome job on the new script book! It has many of the scripts that we have heard in the trainings that I had transcribed myself so that I would have them. This is awesome! This makes the real scripts so duplicatable, easy to find which one to use and the tips are incredible. Just the right things to remember at the right time so that you are reminded of what Dani teaches. I can see how this one tool alone would help the brand new person get up and running more quickly. You guys are the bomb!" ~ Tyler Adkins

    "You continue to amaze me with your ability to simplify this business. By plugging into your system our company has exploded. I am so grateful that you continue to upgrade these incredible tools and make them available so everyone may benefit. Thank you for letting us ride your coattails to FINANCIAL FREEDOM!!!!!" ~ Bryan and Wendy Merritt

    You are probably wondering how much this is going to cost.

    Well right now we are offering the Script Book SUPPLEMENTAL for only $67!

    Yeah we know it's a ridiculous, outrageously low price for a GOLD MINE of Scripts that cover just about every objection in the book and then some. But we reserve the right to change that. So why are we offering you this success tool for such an absurd price? Well we at really are committed to seeing you and your brand new people succeed. Anything we can do to help you get the tools you need for you to soar in your business is our desire. We are offering you incredible scripts that will produce phenomenal results.

    This is not just about your success in your business but about your brand new peoples' success in their businesses. Can you remember when you first started off and you were running into objections left and right? Can you remember when you had no idea how to follow up with a prospect and get them to work? Can you remember how frustrating that was for you and how much you wanted to throw in the towel?

    Who knows maybe you did throw in the towel and then you ran into the system, and you found the right words to say and the tips to overcome road blocks. Here is a chance for you to help your people succeed. You know when they experience success at recruiting that your business too will be successful.

    This is an investment to the advancement of your business. If you want a system that duplicates quickly and is simple for anyone to pick up, then adding this to your already amazing Original Script Book is the ticket!

    We invite you to go to the next level and get the scripts, tips and training needed to Become a PRO at Recruiting! NO MORE GUESS WORK on the scripts that Dani dishes out at every live event, conference call, and coaching class cause they are all here. This incredible tool is going fast and already impacting businesses as you read in the testimonials above. Let your business be the next one to be impacted for success. Click below and get your copy of the Script Book Supplemental TODAY!!!

    We'll Take 100% Of The Risk!

    I know we have made some bold claims on this site, but we have the documented case studies on file to prove it!  And we put our money where our mouth is!  You show us the desire and we'll take on the risk! 

    You see at we really, truly are not interested in your money. Honestly, we don't need it.  Our desire is to see you succeed to your full God given potential!  And if our training programs don't give you the results you're looking for, you should not do business with us…plain and simple!

    So, you really have nothing to lose. Either this program delivers everything I've told you here and your prospecting and closing ratios go through the roof and you join the elite few in the direct sales industry who can create a 6 figure income on demand... or it doesn't and you get your money back. It's just that simple.

    Your Order is 100% Safe, Secure, Risk Free and Fully Guaranteed!

    Problem ordering? Call us toll free at 1-866-760-8255 or visit our SUPPORT CENTER.

    Don't reinvent the wheel. Here is your chance to learn directly from someone who went from living out of her car with $2.03 to her name to earning her first million in 2 years!

    "I am going to have to get another Script Book as mine is so worn, it is ready to fall apart. I am telling all of my new brokers that your Script Book is a 'must'!" ~ Kathleen Bard

    "I immediately got your Script Book. I would listen to it driving, showering and doing the dishes. I even listened while mowing my yard with my son on my left leg and wearing my 6 year old daughter's pink Barbie CD player on my head. I was on my way!" ~ Kristie Brown

    "I listened to your CD and went over your script book numerous times. I love both and still listen to the CD to refresh myself ever so often. ~ Mary White

    "I love the script book!" ~ Joanne Parzuchowski

    "I am finding the Dani Johnson Script Book very useful." ~ Jan Farquhar

    "It has already paid for itself!" ~ W. Todd Judkins

    "Your script book is awesome. It has worked and continues to work." ~ Stephen Kennedy

    "The script book is great. It has given me the language to use." ~ Victoria Polaski

    "Recently, I had a wonderful experience related to the Script Book that I wanted to pass along. I called a prospect that I had received off a lead. As I was talking to the guy, following the Script Book, he told me that he had been contacted by probably 20 other people before me. He told me that all of them seemed like a bunch of amateurs that didn't know what they were doing and basically sounded like a bunch of idiots. He then told me I was the only one he was interested in talking to because I was coming across as very professional and it sounded like I knew exactly what I was talking about. There is no doubt in my mind it was because of the Script Book. It allows you to come across to your prospects in a very professional manner. Thanks for all your help in all that you do for everyone! God Bless all of you!" ~ Amanda Young

    "This new script book is totally amazing! WOW- way more content than I ever expected and really easy to use!! I love the new layout, how simple it is to stay focused on the prospect AND what to say at the same time! There is no reason for anyone to not be able to succeed with the step by step layout of this new script book! Every single member of my team will have one immediately, and my only prayer is that my competition does NOT FIND THIS! This really is awesome, it is going to rock the socks off of any training product I have ever seen - not only does it surpass the original script book but having this AND Prospect and Close Your Way To Millions in one's hands will totally rock! The design team did an amazing job, totally blew the quality up several notches and it's a very WELL DONE, ELABORATED and completed project. Awesome stuff!!" ~ Sandi Krakowski

    Prospecting And Closing Script Book Supplemental TESTIMONIALS:

    “WOW!!! That's about all I can say.  The Script Book is SO EXCELLENT. Quadrupled my success rate with sponsoring. It's fun again.” ~ Greg Montijo

    "When I used Dani's Script Book after my return home I was amazed and so pleased to find that I was actually able to set up follow up calls. In the past, getting a definite time for a follow up call was almost non-existent. Now I'm getting 5 out of 6..." ~ Monica Vest

    "I am ACTUALLY enjoying prospecting for the first time EVER! ~ Linda Rivers

    "Thanks Dani, for your simple method!" ~ Mike Crowe

    "Hi Dani. The Script Book is my business bible and now I recommend it to everyone. It's fantastic." ~ Cornelia Doukas

    "We have had excellent results and have our new affiliates purchase the Script Book along with the initial training pack. It is actually a requirement in order to have our top leaders work with them one on one. I purchased 20 a few weeks ago for people to buy at our rally as we are introducing you into the new training. They were sold out within the first minute. Several of the people who bought them have enrolled in your live 2 day seminar!" ~ Kimber Jarvis

    "Hi Dani!! First, I would like to say thank you. Your methods and teachings are totally changing the way I view my business and how I approach my prospects. We have searched for SO long to find a system that is easy to duplicate. Thankfully we were guided to you!!! I LOVE the Script Book and CD's and listen to them often." ~ Debi Jones

    "The Script Book and CD's have made me much more comfortable talking with people on all levels." ~ Vic Kalman

    "I think your Script Book is great. It is working very well." ~ Maxine Elderd

    "Every time that I have deviated from your Script Book, my number of closes has fallen. So I go back to your Script Book, word for word!" ~ Tom Sweeney

    "I love the Script Book. I have just about worn it out." ~ Barbara Delville

    "I LOVE the Script Book! Thank you Dani for providing such a terrific resource. I have just completed your Prospecting and Closing seminar, which was fantastic! I am a fairly new network marketer with a background in teaching and administration. Your approach is so easy to follow. Thank you!" ~ Nancy Intermill

    "I have seen and used quite a few script books. If you use it (The Dani Johnson Script Book) verbatim, just like you say, it works great. I found it to be the best I've ever used!" ~ Daniel C. Brawn

    "Dani's Script Book made it easier to prospect. The script language stopped the majority of the objections I was getting before I used her Script Book." ~ Valerie R. Clavivn

    "Let me just say that I could NOT have achieved the success I have so far without the use of the Script Book. It is the very first thing everyone in my sales force is told to get. Thank you again for all that you guys do at!" ~ Monica Tubbs

    "It's been a great help and resource for me." ~ Bill Moccasin

    "I think the Script Book is great. It has given me the confidence to speak to prospective members/business partners. It's changing my thought process about what I'm capable of. I am sincerely grateful to my business associate for recommending you and your products." ~ Trina Bickham

    "It (The Script Book) is excellent! I have it open in front of me at all times. Thanks for your help." ~ Tim & Kat Sparks

    "The Script Book changed my business!! I had been working for about a year and was about to give in just because of people coming and going in my business. My confidence is now through the roof! My team is growing in leaps and bounds! I followed the scripts and my voice, comfort and confidence just came. It was fabulous! Now I DO the presentations, run my team meetings with many learning simultaneously and am about to hit the next level of leadership myself. Thank you Dani for sharing your talent and passion so we can learn from you and share ours too!!!!" ~ Martha Smith

    "Hi Dani, thank you for the Script Book & CD's. I love them and think they are the most helpful instruments I've been given so far to develop my skills in my business." ~ Diane Walter

    "I am new at using scripts and I love this little book of gold. It has given me the confidence to talk to leads and be successful in delivery of information they need to hear." ~ Catherine Adams

    "In regards to the Script Book and CD's, I think the fact that I have built into my presentation the cost of acquiring this tool as a pre-requisite to getting registered in our business would explain my sentiments on it. To quote our thoughts on it and what one of my team members just emailed me. Dani Rocks!" ~ Colleen Shea

    "I like the Script Book... it makes duplication simple!" ~ Allison Vokac

    "The scripts are great! Keep up the good work!" ~ Stephen Rockovits

    "I love using the Script Book. This book has bridged the gap between potential customers and me. Thanks!" ~ James Briggs

    "Using a script from the Script Book, I recruited an individual who achieved promotions in the first 48 hours!" ~ Nancy Horneman

    "Your Script Book is a GOLDEN TOOL!" ~ Karen McDonald

    "I really like the Script Book and Training Audios. I have grown from the fear of picking up the phone and making calls. I am more comfortable prospecting and talking to people. The scripts are cool and it is working for me. May God keep blessing the work of your hands. I am looking forward to some personal coaching calls." ~ Andread Mayers

    "The information in the Script Book is second to NONE!" ~ Steve Drewett

    "We love the Script Book and it has helped our business tremendously!" ~ Stephen & Trish Stewart

    "The Script Book is great and simple to read with the correct posture." ~ Melva Calvin

    "I use Dani's scripts everyday and my business is growing because of it!" ~ Yvonne George

    "I LOVE your Script Book and use if faithfully. I am teaching my group to use it as well." ~ Patti Huff

    "I love your Script Book. I've learned so much about myself by using it. I have learned to listen better and have grown as a result. My posture is changing daily!" ~ Coral C. Aubert

    "For 11 months I groveled through leads trying to ‘convert' the unconvertible, persuade the undeserving and allow people to waste my time. Then when a REAL prospect came along, I had no idea what to do! I NEVER ENROLLED A SINGLE COLD LEAD! After plugging into Dani's training and 2 CD set (I listened to it about 20 times) I closed 2 out of 14 leads, then plugged THEM in to Dani's training so they too could start their path to success." ~ Kris Wood

    "I ordered the Script Book and audio CD's last Friday and they were delivered on Saturday. I felt like I found what I desperately wanted under the Christmas tree!" ~ Jo Lyn Unangst

    "I saw Dani in Vegas. I've listened to the script book training 15 times. I made 5 calls and closed 4. Yah!" ~ Darren Little

    "Since using the Script book I am getting more people to business presentations, and I feel a lot more confident on calls." ~ Kathryn O'Riordan

    "I made national in 4 months…I hit every bonus using your Script Book and Training CD's … ~ Katherine Kalolo

    "I walked out of the hotel with an armful of CD's and a huge sense of relief coupled with a new level of conviction that success actually was possible for me. The relief came from knowing that what you had communicated to me, you could do for everyone in my business too. I took one look at your script booklet and said, ‘This is it! Stop looking'!" ~ Marilyn

    "I just got the script book this weekend. This is a steal! But I've been listening and I now know what I was doing wrong. If I had this 3 years ago when I started, I KNOW I would have a 7 figure empire. The scripts are fool proof. The funny thing is the team I train with occasionally actually uses your script but their mistake was inserting things that didn't need to be there and deleting things that did need to be there! Thanks so much! My team and I are on our way to being extremely successful and we owe that all to you and your site!" ~ Marleeka Choat

    "I got to listen to this yesterday and tried it out on my interviewed leads. It's a great script book, I'm sorry I haven't been using it earlier- IT WORKS!!! Thanks DANI, you ROCK girl!!!" ~ Deb

    "I love the Script Book and CD set. Keep up the great work!" ~ Gary Ziglar

    "Dani's script book & CD's are amazing! I've implemented them the first day I received the package. Truly powerful! Thank you for all that you make available for us!" ~ Fawn

    "All I have to do is follow your superb scripts, tips, and tapes to insure our success!" ~ Carter Dibrell, Jr.

    "This is the furthest I've gotten with the closing script, wahooo, it is building and momentum is about to bust through the flood gates!" ~ Danie Jolley

    "Your 'Script Book Training' blew me away!" ~ Dr. James E. O'Kelley

    "Out of the five presentations that I did, I signed up three by using the Script Book to the 'T'." ~ Catherine Rehula

    "I just took the Script Book and went bang, bang, bang, right to it, and the guy signed up as with the top package." ~ Beverly

    "I bought your script book and CD's. I'm in shock with the successes that I've had. It has never been this fun, easy, and successful…" ~ Connie Copeland

    "I just wanted Dani to know that I'm using her scripts exclusively and setting appointments daily. Thanks, Dani keep up the good information. I love your stuff!" ~ Sue Kyer

    "I heard one of Dani's scripts on a team training call and I immediately saw the simplicity of it. I also saw the posture it builds in the distributor and how it really qualifies the prospect. This made me more than curious. Great job!" ~ Rob Toth

    "I came across Dani's site and was awestruck at the quality and quantity of training she's made available to anyone who is hungry enough to sit at this banquet table and dine! I'm especially fond of the script book. I'd love to tell you how successful it has been for me... but not only for myself, but for others on my Team. As for the script book and my success with it... I have a 100% success ratio in appointment setting using Dani's scripts. Every one who is "interviewed" via Dani's script ... hears a presentation... then is led to a decision via Dani's closing script... says ‘YES'. I've only had one ‘no'!" ~ Allyson King

    "You have been very inspirational to me. I bought your script book and have really enjoyed it." ~ Susan Dollinger

    "The first time I used the script book I closed 3 out of 3 phone prospects!" ~ Ben & Renee Winans

    "I was letting the prospect dictate the conversation and had changed your script without realizing it. I am now better able to control the conversation by sticking to your script." ~ Ruth Narveson

    "Since using the scripts in the script book I have scheduled web casts with 90% of the prospects I have spoken with. My next step…90% closing ratio!" ~ Coleen Bushby

    "After purchasing your scripts and listening to your online training I began to see immediate results. From now on, everyone I sponsor must tap into your training!" ~ Carolyn Hickerson

    "I have all the training courses of Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins, Kerry Johnson, and Brian Tracy. Also have the Tony Robbins course and countless other (so called) guru's stuff. None of those people even came close to teaching me what you have taught me in your "First Steps To Success" CDs! I am blown away and humbled by what I have learned from you in just 10 CDs. These are the secrets that the other networking giants aren't able to put into words. This is the "Key to breaking the code"! You have what everyone has been looking for! Your training will change the face of the industry!! Before learning from you, I was talking like a slimy sales person. Now I am talking like a friend. I am astounded by the response I have gotten from people that wanted NOTHING to do with me or my products. They are buying! They are listening! They are finally open to the business! I am telling anyone that is smart enough to listen, that they MUST have your training!! It will shorten your learning curve by years, not just months. Had I had this training 8 years ago, I would have met my goals many, many times over. God bless you." ~ Dave S. Clark

    " You just don't just talk about "Why" you also give a lot of information on "HOW". I highly recommend it to everybody." ~ Pari Ellis

    "Dani's seminar was the absolute most educational experience of my life; and it was FUN! Dani is a teacher you will never forget if you live to be 100." ~ Dick Ligeikis

    "As a result of First Steps and also listening to your Script Book CDs I was able to sponsor one person shortly before I went to First Steps and one immediately after. Then I sponsored another two…" ~ Jonathan Kawamura

    "I had purchased your North Carolina CDs and your Script Book about a month ago and I have listened to them - START TO FINISH - 4 times! YOU have turned the light on for me!" ~ Debbie Scalise

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Prospecting & Closing Script Book Supplemental is rated 4.8 out of 5 by 4.
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Prospecting & Closing Script Book Supplemental I bought this book 3 months ago and it has really helped me in my prospecting to be able to address various objections that come up from time to time. It is such a help because I don't have to fumble over just the right words to say to a client. It's all right there for me.
Date published: 2015-04-16
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Great content and easy to use! I am so blessed to have these materials. I love that I am no longer winging it!
Date published: 2015-04-15
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Prospecting & Closing Script Book Suplemental Without this book, I would be stuck in mid-air, with nowhere to land..
Date published: 2015-04-16
Rated 5 out of 5 by from A script book for the ages! The best script book hands down! I am glad I bought it too!
Date published: 2017-03-08
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Prospecting & Closing Script Book Supplemental is rated 4.8 out of 5 by 4.
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Prospecting & Closing Script Book Supplemental I bought this book 3 months ago and it has really helped me in my prospecting to be able to address various objections that come up from time to time. It is such a help because I don't have to fumble over just the right words to say to a client. It's all right there for me.
Date published: 2015-04-16
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Great content and easy to use! I am so blessed to have these materials. I love that I am no longer winging it!
Date published: 2015-04-15
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Prospecting & Closing Script Book Suplemental Without this book, I would be stuck in mid-air, with nowhere to land..
Date published: 2015-04-16
Rated 5 out of 5 by from A script book for the ages! The best script book hands down! I am glad I bought it too!
Date published: 2017-03-08
  • y_2017, m_5, d_22, h_20
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  • loc_en_US, sid_134064, prod, sort_[SortEntry(order=RELEVANCE, direction=DESCENDING)]
  • clientName_danijohnson