Spirit Driven Success

Discover the biblical foundations of success and purpose
If you’ve ever wondered why it seems that some people are showered with blessings while others struggle to dodge endless misfortune, then you’d be crazy not to read Dani first best-selling book Spirit Driven Success. In addition to telling the story of her journey from homeless to millions, Dani delivers insights on spirituality, faith and wealth that you won’t read ANYWHERE else.
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  • Learn Exactly What Causes You To Prosper And Become Wealthy

    In this book by Dani Johnson you will learn the biblical foundations of true riches and happiness…

    • The 10 Step Wealth Formula™ to create prosperity in your life
    • Keys to eliminate fear in your business, in your relationships and in your finance
    • How to experience the joy of being free from stress and self-sabotage
    • The liberty and true freedom of living a debt free life!
    • Discover the Powerful Mindset of an Entrepreneur and how you can put advanced strategies to work for you.

  • Spirit Driven Success

    Dani Johnson’s Spirit Driven Success™ training has shattered all the walls that confined me to striving for more and pleasing everyone else at the cost of my own freedom. I have my life back now, Dani has taught me to hear God’s voice and follow His direction by helping me understand what His word says about life, love, business, parenting, everything! Her practical and honest style have taught me victory through Jesus in every area of my life. If you want more confidence and direction in your life don’t wait another minute, start listening today.

    - Tracy Steinke

    Spirit Driven Success

    Prior to being plugged into Dani Johnson I was bound up spiritually, emotionally and financially. I was raised with a poverty mindset that caused me to subconsciously sabotage every effort I made to become successful. Dani has given me a completely new mindset about success. I have been set free in every area as she has spoken truth over my life. I am living in complete freedom and victory with the ability to run, without hindrance, towards the future I know God has for me. I now am bearing fruit as a Christian while I am living in the fullness of all that God has created me to be.

    - Stephanie Bradley

    Spirit Driven Success

    Part of why I hesitated to go to the seminar is that I am a student Buddhism and I believed I would be a bit uncomfortable with your expressions of your faith. But something told me not to let that be my ‘excuse’ for not coming to learn how to do my new business. Instead of being uncomfortable at the seminar, I really loved seeing and hearing your profession of faith. It lifted me up and gave me joy to know you are the real Christian deal. I am now dedicated to having you as my most important business teacher. I look forward to seeing you again soon. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom; you are a skillful, powerful and loving teacher.

    - Anita Castle

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