Spiritual Development Series

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If you fight feelings of fear, inadequacy, poverty and depression? Dani Johnson’s Spiritual Development Series is like a lightning rod for supernatural insight and revelation through ancient wisdom. If you’re ready to experience more prosperity, wealth and a stronger sense of purpose, you need to hear what Dani has to say!
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  • Overcome FEAR & POVERTY and develop WEALTH, PROSPERITY & FAITH in your life today!

    1,500 ancient scriptures show you exactly how!

    Are these MP3′s for you?

    • Do you struggle with beliefs about making money or do you sometimes think it’s wrong to make a lot of money?
    • Do you struggle with FEAR in your business… in your relationships… in your finances… when prospecting or when closing?
    • Do you want to overcome "poverty" and create lasting WEALTH and PROSPERITY that will last for generations?
    • Do you want to "root" your success on a spiritual foundation?

    Do you want to...

    • Learn EXACTLY what causes you to prosper, become wealthy and rich?
    • Learn what the exact causes of poverty are?
    • Learn how to increase the success you are already having?
    • Learn how to prevent the pitfalls of success and eliminate the risks of losing what you’ve worked so hard for?

    If so, then you need Dani Johnson’s Spiritual Development Series. Regardless of your beliefs or whether or not you are a Christian is not relevant here. What is relevant is if you are one of the many who struggle with fear and poverty and want more prosperity, wealth and faith in your life and in your business, and if you are deadly serious about "grounding" your success on a lasting spiritual level, then you MUST have these MP3 digital downloads.

  • Spiritual Development Series

    Through one of your training calls, my husband Mark and I both learned that we worshipped an idol called FEAR… and because of that a famine was produced in our lives. The word of God jumped out of your mouth into our hearts and God revealed to us why we have not moved forward.

    - Laura Montalvo

    Spiritual Development Series

    I have your CD set and have been really listening to them. Dani, you have cut right to the heart of changes I’ve been struggling to make in my life for years now.

    - Sarah Zencic

    Spiritual Development Series

    I was gripped by the depth and intensity of your belief. Your delivery of the scriptural activities that lead to poverty or wealth has changed my internal blueprint of my perception of wealth.

    - Lennie Parker

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