Time Secrets

How to master the art of productivity so you can achieve your goals and increase your income
Time Secrets will enable you to set and achieve your true goals, the ones that define what you hope to be and what you WILL be… the dreams that you will live and make true. Map out your future, organize your priorities and take charge of your time and your life, so that you are the one designing your life, and living up to the design that you make.
3 CDs + 2 DVDs + 2 Data Discs
  • Your Ticket to a Stress-Free Life

    Easily obtain harmony and do more of the things you love

    How to master the art of productivity so you can achieve your goals & increase your income

    Create More Time And Money

    When you were younger there were probably some things you wanted to do like travel around the world eating different foods and experiencing new cultures, drive a Lamborghini and own a Bentley, create a charity dedicated to saving orphans from starvation and sex trafficking, or owning a successful business and providing for the ones you love. The point is, there are probably a lot of things you had on your list at one point that you wanted to do… but have you done them?

    Have you ever noticed that as time passes your vision for goals and dreams gets less and less clear? We begin to ‘rationalize’ the reasons why we haven’t accomplished these goals.

    The two biggest reasons excuses for not accomplishing goals are:

    1. Not enough time
    2. Not enough money

    But what if you could create more of both?

    What if you actually had more time to focus on the things you love? What if you had time to go to amusement parks with the kids or actually had time to enjoy romantic date nights again? What if instead of sitting on your worn out couch munching on half-stale potato chips from the discount store and watching Anthony Bourdain taste all the scrumptious foods you always dreamed of… what if you could go there? What if you were able to double your income without doubling your work hours.. you know, actually afford more than just the bills? What if you could finally have more fun, help more people, become more successful and be more efficient?

    We’ll Let Our Clients Do The Talking

    Some of our clients were working massive amounts of hours trying to make ends meet, their home life was in shambles arguing with their spouse and disconnected from their children, others felt trapped and unable to take the vacation they desperately needed. Their lives were unmanageable and exhausting… Then we challenged them to apply Time Secrets to their lives… the results were outstanding! Our clients lives were radically improved! They sleep better, have more fun and were able to finally gain peace of mind and the stability they had previously lacked… but we’ll let them tell you some of the benefits they experienced first hand…

    1. Gain Cherished Moments With Those You Love

    "I was working 10-12 hrs/day 6 and sometimes 7 days a week just to pay the bills. I was burnt out stressed out and deep in debt. When my 5 year old son said to me ‘mommy, can you turn off the computer’ I knew that something had to change. I plugged in & my life started to sort itself out. I now have time to play with my kids, my husband is my best friend again." ~Trish Roberts

    2. Transform Your Frustration Into Profits

    "I was a traditional business owner that had a small amount of success but I was completely stressed out, I had become a slave to my job and was working 80 hours a week. I was beginning to resent my company and everyone I worked with. After plugging into Dani Johnson’s training, I was able to take my business from success while cutting my hours in half." ~Carmen O’Quinn

    3. Make a Difference Across The Globe

    "I was a destitute broke, depressed, hopeless single mom. After plugging in… I got married to the man of my dreams. Through [Time Secrets], we have decreased the amount of hours that we work from 80+ a week down to 40 and started a 3rd stream of income. I now have healed relationships with my children, we are feeding orphans on a monthly basis, and we have traveled to places like London and Belize where we spent Christmas bringing gifts to the orphans and helping to build them a new home." ~Jane Mach

    4. Escape Mundane Life And Explore New Countries

    "I am just about debt free, having money work for me instead of being a slave to it. I will be able to retire now from 33 years of trucking and finally travel the world, as well as make a lot of money to bless those in need. My relationships have just sky rocketed and I cannot believe the fun I am having." ~Michael Rausch

    5. Get The Body You’ve Always Wanted

    "I was an individual who was overweight, out of shape and out of touch! My relationships with people, especially my family, were centered on me. Since plugging in, I have gone from being a couch potato to a marathon runner, running over 1,000 miles and losing 30 pounds in 1 year. So I took what Dani taught and applied it to my job and my income has grown 25% with my job and received my first outstanding rating for my annual review!" ~Butch McCracken

    Accomplish All Your Goals Without Sacrificing Fun, Relationships, Finances or Your Health

    We’ve all seen (and most of us have purchased) mounds of books on time management (because for some reason we just can’t seem to figure out how to get it all done). So it’s reasonable to expect you to have some doubts about the validity of this product… After all, the other products you’ve purchased offered little more than an over-priced bundle of fluffy encouragement, with the same ol’ "tricks" telling you how to get more laundry done… oh and not to mention they are boring as heck.

    From my experience most time management ‘experts’ typically work the same as those hyped up energy drinks… ‘Get more done! Complete with jitters, emotional break-downs and a crash bigger than the Hindenburg Disaster.‘ Time Secrets is not about chugging energy drinks, waking up earlier, going to bed later, working longer hours and trying to shove more things into your already busy schedule… in my opinion that is called self-inflicted torture.

    Some trainings can cost up to $2,000… for a one time event! Dani has made this advanced training available to you for less than one-tenth of the cost! Plus you get to keep it all! Who wants to spend thousands of dollars on something you’ll forget 80% of in a few weeks? In Time Secrets Dani Johnson teaches you the core concepts on advanced productivity and how to effectively designate time priority to maximize your efforts in business, home, fun and finances.

    It Isn’t About Doing More, But Living More.

    What good is it to be able to do more if you’re doing more of the things you hate? Who wants to do that? Who honestly wants to stress more, do more laundry, do more dishes, argue more… No one! Instead of trying to cram more of the things that stress you out into your schedule you will learn how to get rid of the clutter once and for all, freeing yourself and your family to live a happier more fulfilling life together. You will discover ways to lower your stress levels, establish clarity and finally obtain peace of mind. You will be guided step-by-step how to get the most out of every day so that you can feel fully rested, take more vacations, become more productive, earn more money all while cutting back your work hours.

    With Time Secrets you will receive:

    • 2 Video DVDs – Dani’s dynamic presentation of the core secrets to owning your time and creating the life you’ve always wanted.
    • 3 Audio CDs – take Dani’s trainings with you in the car, listen to them over and over
    • 2 Data DVDs – Includes MP3, MP4 & PDF files to download content to your mobile devices to equip you to quickly and effectively achieve your goals from anywhere
    • Time Secrets Workbook – packed with insights, exercises and strategies

    Live Life To The Fullest

    Too often life slips right through our fingers… leaving us feeling unaccomplished. In fact, one of the top regrets of the dying is wishing they didn’t sacrifice their dreams because they were too busy working.

    Can you imagine?

    The empty feeling inside you growing as you face death… knowing you never accomplished your biggest goals. Instead of leaving a legacy and stories of fun, adventure and love you leave behind countless hours wasted worrying over lack of money, things you ‘need to do’ and missed special occasions.

    I don’t mean to sound like the ghost of Christmas future but the truth remains… this is what most people’s futures look like.

    Fortunately for you, it is the beginning of a fresh new year and you have the opportunity of a lifetime to accomplish the dreams and goals you have kept on the back shelf for too long. You are here on this very web page for a reason.

    You have been handed a unique opportunity to design your life. To live the uncommon life… the life you thought only existed in movies. What are you going to do with this opportunity? Don’t make the mistake 98% of the population makes. Don’t finish life with regrets of what you could have done.

    With Time Secrets you can now:

    • Drink a cup of coffee in the morning, not because it will be your only source of fuel for the day, but because you have the time… along with eating a freshly cooked breakfast instead of cramming a less-than-satisfying cereal bar in your mouth as you run out the door…
    • Travel to India, Belize, and Africa to lavish precious children who lost their parents with hugs, gifts and food… comfort women recently rescued from the sex trade and teach them skills to become successful entrepreneurs free of sex, drugs and abuse.
    • Enjoy more quality time with your children, learning more about their talents, passions and dreams… watching them grow into talented, responsible young adults.
    • Ramp up your productivity and bring in more sales at work capturing the attention of your boss and coworkers, earning their respect and admiration… as well as your clients and prospects.

    Get Time Secrets today and see what it feels like to trade your stress and anxiety for joy and peace of mind, replace your restless nights with mornings feeling refreshed and full of purpose and discover what it means to live life to the fullest.

    What our community is saying about Time Secrets

    "I was a slave to my business, working 12-16 hours per day. I felt like a hamster on a wheel because no matter how hard I worked, our business wouldn’t grow… I’ve cut my work hours down to 4 hours per day (taking a full day of rest) while also increasing our personal recruiting efforts by 300%. My husband and I enjoy spending time together and our relationship has grown closer than ever.”~Melissa Sieks

    "Prior to plugging into Dani, my marriage was in shambles and on the verge of divorce, our finances were a wreck with no end in sight and my business was at a standstill. Since plugging in … my income has tripled, my business is growing, my husband and I no longer hate each other and we are doing better than ever as a couple, and I have moved up two levels in my organization. I’m also on track to earn six figures by summer.” ~Leeia Ladipoh

    Take advantage of our 90-Day Guarantee and experience the power of Time Secrets today!

    Dani Johnson has spent years perfecting these products to maximize your results and to equip you to succeed beyond your dreams. We understand the importance of high quality products, excellent customer service and a high return on your investment. At DaniJohnson.com our goal is to see you get results. If you follow this simple formula it’s impossible to not experience results! We back all of our products with a rock-solid 90 day money back guarantee to give you adequate time to put our products to the test!

    Order Now And Take Your Life Back!

    The Bottom Line: Time Secrets is the best solution hands-down to master core concepts on time priority in order to finally kick those time-sucking tasks and obligations to the curve! Stop wasting time on things you could care less about and start living a more exciting and fulfilling life today.

    Time Secrets FAQ’s

    You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers

    Q. “Sounds legit, but how is Time Secrets different from other programs?”

    A. We have strategically put this product together with audio and video, giving you every learning advantage. Not only that, the techniques found inside create long-term success, but can also be applied instantly! The bottom line here is results. Time Secrets is designed to ramp up your productivity without needing a Ph.D. to interpret the technical jargon. It’s a faster, easier and more reliable solution to the chaotic life.

    Q. “How does Time Secrets help me better my life?”

    A. Time Secrets is the culmination of over 2 decades of tested and proven material. You’ll boost efficiency in your career, beat stress, and improve your relationships. The best part is, ANYONE can do this. You don’t have to memorize and tackle complicated methods and systems – all you need to join the tens of thousands of people who have already benefited from this program is determination and belief.

    Q. “I have tried other, similar programs with similar promises, but I have not experienced the results I expected. Why would Time Secrets be any different?”

    A Few programs have the backing and social proof of Time Secrets. There is no way we would risk our credibility by offering you a program that doesn’t work as we say it does. On top of that, you’ve got an unconditional guarantee to give you unbeatable peace of mind.

    Q.“I have a busy life. How will I find time to study Time Secrets?”

    A. The beauty of Time Secrets is you can go your own pace. You can pop the audio CDs in your car and listen while you drive. You can take an evening and pop in the DVDs and apply the techniques. You can download the audios and take them with you on your iPod or iPad.

    Get Time Secrets Today!

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