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Master the art of productivity

Get The Most Out Of 24/7

Think back for a moment… What were your childhood dreams?

  • Traveling around the world, tasting different foods and experiencing new cultures
  • Owning a beautiful mansion, a top-of-the-line yacht, AND Lamborghini
  • Creating a charity that will end world hunger, give parents to ALL orphans, and put a red light on sex trafficking
  • Becoming the most successful millionaire - no, billionaire - businessperson in the world
  • Discovering the cure for cancer or AIDs
  • Being the President or leader of your country

What happened to those fun, exciting, limitless dreams?

You traded your childhood dreams for...

  • A broken marriage full of arguments and pain
  • Kids that you can’t control
  • Working too many hours a week with little reward
  • Making more money but going further into debt
  • Stressed out 24/7
  • Traveling through the Travel Channel on La-Z-Boy chair
  • Wasting your precious vacation weeks cleaning out the garage

You’re ready to throw the towel in.

The two biggest reasons for not accomplishing goals are:
1. Not enough time
2. Not enough money

But what if you could create more of both?

Imagine having more time and the financial resources to enjoy YOUR life to the fullest! Focus on the things - and people - you love. Take the kids to amusement parks. Enjoy romantic date nights - or weekends - with your movie-star spouse. Even take a bubble bath! Write a huge check to end poverty - or get down in the dirt with the orphans in Africa.

What if you could afford more than just paying the bills without taking on a second job or working 40 extra hours per week?

Gain Cherished Moments With Those You Love

"I now have time to play with my kids, my husband is my best friend again"

Get The Body You’ve Always Wanted

"I have gone from being a couch potato to a marathon runner"

Make a Difference Across The Globe

"We are feeding orphans on a monthly basis."

Escape Mundane Life And Explore New Countries

"I will be able to retire now from 33 years of trucking and finally travel the world"

Why Time Secrets?

There are hundreds of trainings out there on time management so to clear things up...

Time Secrets is NOT:

  • Fluffy encouragement
  • A hyped up energy drink
  • "Get more done! Complete with jitters, emotional break-downs, and a nuclear explosive crash."
  • Waking up earlier
  • Going to bed later
  • Working longer hours

Time Secrets offers you a way to:

  • Get the most out of every day
  • Reduce your stress levels
  • Obtain peace of mind
  • Take more vacations
  • Increase productivity at work
  • Cut your hours down without sacrificing your income
  • Restore your marriage and family life

In Time Secrets, Dani will reveal to you how she cut down her weekly work hours from over 100 to 20, restored her broken marriage and relationships with her kids… And how she learned to design her life instead of living it by default like the majority of people do on the planet today.

Some trainings can cost up to $2,000... for a one-time event! Dani has made this advanced training available to you for a fraction of the cost! Plus you get to keep it all!

With Time Secrets you will receive:

  • 2 Video DVDs – Dani’s dynamic presentation of the core secrets to owning your time and creating the life you’ve always wanted.
  • 3 Audio CDs – take Dani’s trainings with you in the car, listen to them over and over
  • 2 Data DVDs – Includes MP3, MP4 & PDF files to download content to your mobile devices to equip you to quickly and effectively achieve your goals from anywhere
  • Time Secrets Workbook – packed with insights, exercises and strategies
  • Strategic Goal Planning Worksheet - bonus worksheet to help you crystalize your vision and goals in very specific areas of your life. Downloadable and available 24/7 online through your Account Manager
  • Bonus Audios – two must-have audios from Dani's advanced training seminar Creating A Dynasty PLUS Setting And Accomplishing Your Goals AND Setting Your Business Up For Success audios. Downloadable and available 24/7 online through your Account Manager

Live Life To The Fullest - While You Have The Chance!

One of the top regrets of the dying is wishing they didn’t sacrifice their dreams because they were too busy working.

Can you imagine?

Instead of leaving a legacy and stories of fun, adventure and love, you leave behind countless hours WASTED over lack of money, things you "need to do" and missed special occasions.

This is what most people's futures look like.

Fortunately for you, it’s the beginning of a fresh new year. You can - and will - accomplish the dreams and goals you have kept on the back shelf for too long. You are here on this very webpage for a reason.

You have been handed a unique opportunity to design your life. To live the uncommon life… the life you thought only existed in movies. What will you do with this opportunity? Don’t make the mistake 98% of the population makes… Don’t finish life with regrets.

Say hello to your new life... Your change starts now.
Get Time Secrets today!

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Time Secrets PLUS Digital Delivery Audios & Videos

The entire program shipped plus gain instant access to digital download of the MP3s & MP4s

Now only $225


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