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Grooming The Next Generation For Success Home Study Program

Grooming The Next Generation For Success Home Study Program

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A recipe for harmony that your kids will ask for by name

Ready to take a key role in preparing the next generation to lead lives of honor, respect and wealth? Dani's Grooming the Next Generation for Success home study course is your key. Dani has translated her proven success into a simple system that is easy to apply. This wisdom-packed program is the ultimate resource for anyone caring for or raising children of any age.


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    Rosie Allagas

    The BEST Pratical and Biblical Parenting Guide EVER!

    It started 3 yrs ago my husband found the book at a library in religious books by God's sweet grace. FIrst, I saw him using strategies that knocked my socks off because kids were being changed by it. Then I picked it up and couldn't put it down! Has and still is transforming our home. Started teaching Power Parenting classes with small group curriculum the last yr and half. NOW about to train our WHOLE children's church for 5 weeks with it too!! Too much I would like to say but can't here:( It is EXCELLENT and from heaven. Dani your coming to TO for parentign conference- I've been calling you in by faith and you have a host church too!

    Los Angeles, CA, United States

    Perfect for any profession that deals with kids!

    Having no kids of my own, I was able to take the information I've learned from "Grooming the Next Generation for Success" along with the Home Study Course and have had amazing results as a Nanny of 3 kids, as well as part time babysitter and occasionally being left in charge of large classroom-sized rooms full of kids (of all different personalities types and backgrounds.) If it wasn't for these materials I probably would not have as much hair as I do now because I would be constantly pulling it out in frustration not knowing what to do. All of my "if only I knew how..." questions (with kids) have been answered in "Grooming the Next Generation..." I'm not perfect and I make mistakes, like everyone else, but I feel very equipped and not helpless in regards to how to help raise and groom up every young person that I have the chance to be around. In fact, many of the 'troubled kids' and 'hardest kids to get to' are the ones that I end up finding become the easiest to work with. If you're wondering, as a parent, professional, or just someone that is or will be involved in young people's lives, if this product is worth it, don't second guess! It's TOTALLY WORTH IT and more!! Because you'll take these skills and information with you for the rest of your life!



    I bought this program about a month ago after reading the book. The workbook makes it so much easier to put into practice. It is so refreshing to know that it is your responsibility to discipline your children and that it comes from a much higher authority than local or federal rules. It is also good to know that the discipline is not for control, but for protection. Before reading this book I felt like it was a lot about controlling my children. Now I am better able to communicate with them and they can understand that it is really about protecting them.


    Exactly what I needed to hear!

    Dani answered and confirmed a lot of the underlying questions I've had about parenting, and provided me with even more ideas and techniques about areas I have not arrived yet with my son. She's helped me prepare and showed me how to raise him for the bigger and better picture!


    Results after just one week!

    We started implementing what we learned in Grooming the Next Generation for success. After a week of downloading the new key phrases and key words to our three children aged 4, 3 and 2 we noticed a HUGE difference. We had a birthday party to attend in a LARGE facility with tons of other kids and parties going on at the same time. BEFORE going in we used the technique Dani talked about, to prepare our kids before hand and used our key words. NOT ONCE did we have to correct our kids for the 2 1/2 hours we were there. My usual anxiety with events like this was gone and we ALL had fun!

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