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Feed Your Family On $100 A Week eBook

Feed Your Family On $100 A Week eBook

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A practical guide to grocery shopping without breaking the bank!

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    Melissa M.
    United States

    Very Helpful Book

    My husband and I are on a month of spending right around $100/week on groceries for a family of four. We are amazed at where our money went before and how little we looked at the price of what we were buying. This book had made a big difference in the way we shop and plan our meals. We have actually started planning our meals based on what meat items are on sale each week and incorporating a meatless day or two as well.

    Mary Elizabeth Quaid

    A Simple, Practical, Look-At-Yourself-In-The-Mirror, Guide To Saving A Butt Load Of Money On Groceries!

    My jaw dropped to the floor the first time I heard Dani Johnson say she spends less than $100 a week to feed a family of 5 and sometimes guests too. I couldn't believe it because I was spending over $100 a week just to feed myself and my husband! So, I put this to the test. And, ya know, I did pretty good for about a month. But I am the type of person who likes to have the specific steps. Before I purchased this product, I was just going off of what I heard Dani say about this topic on her show. But spending $20 a person soon became a struggle! This book is an easy read, extremely simple to apply, and helps a person to look into the root cause of overspending. After reading this book, your eyes will be opened to your spending habits, your mindset, and you'll have the knowledge to shop with wisdom! If you're newly married or single with no knowledge on how to cook and grocery shop(embarrassingly, like me) I highly recommend this product!

    Los Angeles

    $600 back the first month

    One of my problems is that I can be hard to teach because I know it all. I approached this short read with an open mind and heart. I immediately stopped the weekly visits to Sams Club/Costco. I waited for the withdrawal and the family starvation to set in. It did NOT. And I said to my husband just tonight, during December, our tight season because I don't work part of the month, "Why is there so much money in our checking account?" The realizations I had include - I have a super specialized diet - we weight lift and workout five days a week. I was buying tons of spinach and vegetables at the big box stores. Coming clean here - I was going $300 a week for a family of four. I rarely got out of Sams for under $200 weekly, rarely and then I would add another $90 or so at Trader Joe's. But now I am okay with frozen veggies into my meal plans. We are okay with a baked chicken that gets consumed down to the bone broth instead of a larger more expensive meat that went into the garbage at week's end. I can buy one container of eggwhites - I don't need a case of 8 bottles of them... And 5 romaine lettuces at Sam's is $3-$4. A bag of 3 slightly smaller heads at Trader Joe's is $1.99. So the food swaps, with an open mind and careful plan, are working for me. Right down to the weekly butter and greek yogurt. Now I am buying exactly what I need and what we will eat and nothing is getting tossed into the garbage. My last three weekly totals at Trader Joe's in Los Angeles for a family of four have been $97 and $94 and $92. That is including milk, tons of eggs, cold cuts, meat, veggies, and everything we need to eat for the week. BUT the biggest change is having the extra money in the checking account. Oh, you mean life can be easier and less stressful? WHHHHAAAAT? I can see a time very shortly where our saving rate that has diminished to nothing can begin again. The refrigerator is clean and not bulging so you can't see what is going bad anyway. There is no more waste. I always felt so guilty about throwing away bad food. The guilt is gone, there is no more waste. And, the kids did not die without 4 different kinds of cereals in the giant club sized boxes. They are eating more lentils. More yogurt. More eggs/omellets with toast. They didn't even complain. Meal planning is easy. Just sit down and do it. Another key I have to share is that I take the same meals to work every day. This keeps my diet on track, for training. Altogether, I spent around $20 for the book on the sale day and in three weeks have an extra $600. NOT A BAD ROI.

    Kansas, United States

    We saved SERIOUS MONEY!!

    This gave us the skill set to fine-tune our family's food budget. We are a family of 4 that eats organic, gourmet meals and we have been able to stick our budget, save as much as $400/month and we no longer waste food. If you follow the directions of the book, you will see results :)

    Minneapolis, MN, United States

    simple ideas

    Book was a quick and easy read. Very simple ideas to implement. I was hoping for more real content. I have a family of 6 but can't seem to get less than $200/wk. So I was hoping to learn a new secret, but it was only info I already knew or have heard Dani speak of. For those just learning I think it could be of good use.

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