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Job Domination

Job Domination

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Take the misery out of job hunting and become the person that everyone wants to hire and promote

For most people, nothing wounds their self-esteem like failing an interview or getting passed over for a promotion. While others seem to find work without trying. If you're ready to permanently end your job search or quest for promotion, it's time to experience Job Domination! Serial entrepreneur Dani Johnson reveals everything you ever wanted to know about advancing your career!

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    Monique S.

    From Social Assistance to 1000% income increase in 1 year!!

    When I first heard about Job Domination & Unlimited Success, I was extremely skeptical because I thought: "if it was that easy to get a job, I would already have one" , "this sounds way to easy to be true", & "it probably won't work for someone like me". At the time, I was living paycheque to paycheque barely making enough money to scrape by for 3 long years. I felt like a hopeless failure in constant crisis mode & I thought I'd be on social assistance forever! But after putting some of the strategies and techniques I learned into action, I was totally shocked when I was able to raise my income the following year by more than 1000% and the following year by another 400%! I actually earned more income in that 1st year than the entire 3 years of work that I'd done previously. So, I don't know about you...maybe you are getting tons of bonuses and promotions at work and you're totally satisfied. But if that's not your reality, your next step is to pick up your copy of Job Domination and Unlimited Success right now! Monique S., Ontario, Canada

    Charity Mitchell

    Job Domination Works!!!!

    I purchased Job Domination on a Wednesday. Hoping to find a higher paying job. The next day (Thursday) I listened to it as I filled out job applications. I used the cover letter template along with my resume. I received a phone interview Monday and two days later I had an in person interview, which I was sure I bombed due to nerves. I was called in for a second interview with the director and my potential supervisor. I was told during the interview that it would probably be Friday before I heard anythings. Two hours later I received a call saying the job was mine if I was still interested and I gladly accept. An $8,000/yr. raise from my current position.


    I got a raise AND offered a promotion!

    I was intimated by others in my in the office. My supervisor was coming instantly breathing down my neck. I thought success was for only special people. I thought I couldn’t do anything right no matter what I tried and I guess being miserable at work wasn’t normal. Applying this training and attending multiples first steps to success, in 6 months given a 10% raise (3% higher than their top tier) offered a promotion. I worked in human teariuces and everyone avoided outbreak department but would come to me! When I did leave the company the CEO asked what they could do to keep me!


    I got a job I had no prior experience in

    Using the tactics from Job Domination, I was hired for a position I had no prior experience in. I later found out that I beat out other people that had way more experience and better qualifications than me. Listening to Job Domination on repeat gave me the strength to persevere while doing the harrowing task of looking for a job. It gave me confidence and hope during the searching process and gave me joy and skills to stand out for my coworkers and bosses when I was hired. Job Domination is incredibly cheap for the benefit and salary it brings. I was able to negotiate a hire pay thanks to the skills I learned. I can't recommend it enough. You're risking losing money if you don't have Job Domination.

    Mary Elizabeth Quaid

    A Staple Resource For Anyone Who Has A Job, Wants A Job & Manages People

    When I purchased this product, I had been unemployed for over a month. However, the practical tips given by Dani, Hans, and the experts on the show, helped me to land a job that DOUBLED my income in just a few short weeks. This product is a MUST for teens, the unemployed, those in management positions, and those who are in a rut where they are currently employed. You will want to re-play this on a monthly basis (at the very least) because the insider advice they give will make you stand-out among your co-workers like crazy!

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